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The Law Offices of Michael S Davis focuses on defending all traffic violations with a heavy emphasis on DUI/DWI.  Our firm handles cases in both State and Federal Court and in most jurisdictions within southeast Virginia.

Attorney Davis is a seasoned trial attorney who began practice in 2000 after retiring from law enforcement and has practiced as a criminal and traffic defense attorney handling everything from first degree murder to speeding cases. Attorney Davis has now confined his practice to traffic defense and presents a formidable obstacle to the governments prosecution of charges against his clients. His background as a police officer, as well as experience in the medical field, give him a unique set of life experiences to draw from in an aggressive approach to all aspects of defending clients. From trials to plea negotiations, Attorney Davis strives to obtain the best possible results for his clients.

We frequently handle these types of cases:

• Reckless Driving and DUI charges

• Driving with suspended license

• Traffic Infraction

 – posted by Anthony

Very Knowledgeable and honest attorney

I’m from New Jersey and was going to my cousin house who lives in Virginia. On my way down there I was pulled over 40 minutes outside of Virginia Beach by the sheriffs department in the area of the town I was in. Was said to be speeding which being honest I was and got a super bad ticket. Reckless driving going 30 MPH above speed limit. Of course I couldn’t make the court date because I wasn’t from the state and with the degree of my ticket was mandatory for me to be present in court. Luckily I received a letter from Mr.Davis’s law firm and several other law firms in the area down in Virginia. I opened every letter to read what they could possible do for me and Mr.Davis’s stood out. Not only did I call him and told him my situation but he told me exactly what I was facing but also what they would actually give me in results of that ticket. He was spot on represented me to the best of his abilities and I was able to keep my license valid in my home state and also in the state of Virginia! Best lawyer hands down! Thanks Mr.Davis! Hopefully I don’t have to call you again but if so, your number is saved! Haha Thanks Again!

 – posted by Gilbert

Very satisfied. Would recommend!

I was facing a possible reckless driving charge due to speeding over 20. He provided me a military discount which saved me a lot of money. His services were on point! He was extremely knowledgeable and gave me a very realistic assessment of my case and advised me of the most reasonable course of action. But when the opportunity arose he struck decisively and was able to get the case dismissed. I won my case thanks to Michael Davis! I don’t hope for any more legal trouble but if it happens I’ll take comfort knowing Mr. Davis is in my corner because I will 100% hire him again!

 – posted by anonymous

Excellent Advice

My son racked up $5,000 of toll violations and earned himself several warrants. Michael gave excellent advice on how to keep my son out of jail and how to get the amount of the fines reduced. I was very grateful.

 – posted by Patrick

Constitutional Scholar

Mr. Davis is an excellent attorney, when the judge calls him a “Constitutional Scholar” you know you have chosen the right one. He went above and beyond what I thought he would do to help me. I highly recommend him.

9.0Michael Scott Davis
Michael Scott DavisReviewsout of 5 reviews
MSD AUTHOR of_ DWI Lawyers Handbook

Updates in the Law by Attorney Michael S Davis

Trial Testimony Tips

A courtroom can be an intimidating place especially from the vantage point of the witness box.  If you have never testified at a trial before, it’s hard to envision how to act and what to say.  There are common sense measures you should follow such as dress appropriately, be on time, treat everyone with respect but there are also more nuanced trial testimony tips that you may not have considered and are important to keep in mind while on the stand. 

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