Malicious Wounding

There are two forms of this charge. Aggravated Malicious Wounding is a class two felony which carries a minimum of 20 years in prison up to a maximum of life and a fine of up to $100,000. Aggravated Malicious Wounding is the act of injuring another with the intent to maim, disfigure, disable or kill. It differs from Malicious Wounding in that the injury sustained by the victim must be serious and causes permanent physical impairment. Otherwise the crime requires the same proof as Malicious Wounding.

Malicious Wounding is a class three felony and carries a minimum of 5 years up to a maximum of 20 years in prison and up to a $100,000 fine. Because of the nature of these crimes there is almost always some prison time involved if convicted.

These are very fact specific crimes and the particular facts of your case should be discussed with counsel as soon as possible. It is not advisable to handle any portion of this case without the assistance of counsel. In fact, the Courts are very reluctant to allow defendant’s to handle these cases without counsel. The sooner you contact counsel the less the chance that mistakes will be made in the case, some of which could cause damage that cannot be corrected.