Actual Case Results

In the criminal defense of this murder charge it was discovered there were conflicts in the forensic evidence as well as conflicting statements from eyewitnesses that were pointed out to the Commonwealth Attorney and lead to the dismissal of the charge.

In the defense of this case I was able to explain that the client was confused about conflicting court dates and show that he had a consistent record of showing up for court appearances and the charge was dismissed.

This was a traffic accident where the client was merging onto I-264 from Independence Blvd and an accident occurred. I was able to show that the accident was not the fault of the client and the case was dismissed.

In this matter the client was involved in an accident and claimed that it was due to break failure. I was able to present the proper documents to show that the client’s breaks were in fact to blame for the accident and the client was found not guilty at trial.

In this case the client had an accident and was found to be driving without a license. Before court we were able to have her license restored and presented it at trial and the charge was dismissed as complied with law.

In this case the officer failed to produce the proper paperwork showing that the radar was working properly at the time of clocking the client and I moved to suppress the evidence and the case was dismissed.

In this case the client was accused of a positive reading into the interlock breath device. Through records and calibration history I was able to show that the machine was not operating properly and the case was dismissed.

In this case the Commonwealth requested several continuances to obtain evidence to go forward. After objection by the defense the case was dismissed for failure to prosecute.

In this case the client had alcohol in her car which the police found after an accident. Because she was not 21 she was charged with possession of the alcohol The charged was dropped as part of a plea agreement with the Commonwealth.

The charge against this client was dropped after showing the court her good driving record, having her complete driver improvement school and explaining the circumstances of the incident to the judge.

The charge was dismissed after providing proof to the court that the client had the vehicle inspected.

In this case the client had a valid license but had failed to update his address. The problem was corrected before court and the corrected license was presented at court and the case dismissed.