Attorney Michael S. Davis
Attorney Michael S. Davis

Tipping the scales in your favor

At the Law Offices of Michael S Davis providing quality representation is our number one goal. My staff and I strive to achieve high success rates by providing individual care to each client’s situation and examine the facts from every angle to assure the best possible outcome, and we don’t stop until we get it. Each case receives the individual attention it deserves, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

You deserve to have an experienced, knowledgeable attorney with a proven track record guiding you through the criminal justice system. My staff and I will think outside the box and provide the skill and leadership necessary for you to have the highest quality legal representation and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

We frequently handle these types of cases:

• Criminal Misdemeanor charges

• Criminal Felony charges

• Reckless Driving and DUI charges

• Driving with suspended license

• Traffic Infraction

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MSD AUTHOR of_ DWI Lawyers Handbook

 – posted by Patrick

Constitutional Scholar

Mr. Davis is an excellent attorney, when the judge calls him a “Constitutional Scholar” you know you have chosen the right one. He went above and beyond what I thought he would do to help me. I highly recommend him.

 – posted by anonymous

Excellent Advice

My son racked up $5,000 of toll violations and earned himself several warrants. Michael gave excellent advice on how to keep my son out of jail and how to get the amount of the fines reduced. I was very grateful.

Updates in the Law by Attorney Michael S Davis

Grand Theft / Larceny

Grand theft / larceny is the taking of anything valued at greater than $200 with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of its use. Grand theft is an unclassified felony that carries not less than 1 and up to 20 years in prison. Probation may given for this offense at the discretion of the Judge.

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